Earth Notes: On Website Technicals (2021-06)

Updated 2021-06-12 14:28 GMT.
Tech updates: precise CSS minify, down!...
This month is likely to be a quiet one, except for a 5h outage...

2021-06-11: Outage

A five-hour broadband outage, possibly a RADIUS problems in the wholesale supplier upstream of my direct ISP. Starting up a DSL/FTTC session worked, apparently, but our (static) public IP address was not assigned to the link, and there was no inbound traffic...

2021-06-06: Precise CSS Minification

I have split out header CSS minification into a separate pass after the full HTML page has been generated. That eliminates a lot of complex logic to guess early what CSS to retain and what to drop.

This logic was not always right before. Now nothing should be dropped that is needed. A little more that is not needed should be dropped.

The upshot is that a few miniminal pages such as the 404 page are a little smaller, while a few others are a little larger.