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See below some of the key groups of articles on this site: ranging from being frugal, through the carbon cost of a cuppa, to reviews of appliances and gadgets that we use at home.

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Live and Regularly Updated

Key Articles

Data (Make Sure it Adds Up)

Conservation (Using Less Energy and Money)

Microgeneration (Making Your Own Power) including Solar and Wind

Major/Research Projects

External Links/Resources

Newest Articles

  1. Greener travel: how hard is it to cut carbon miles?
  2. Rad Sounds: how cool is your home heating in time-lapse?
  3. On Website Technicals (2019-09)
  4. Aircon On, Windows Open!
  5. The Earth Notes Podcast @Home
  6. On Website Technicals (2019-08)
  7. On Website Technicals (2019-07)
  8. About Our Greenish Home aka 16WW, with Bonus Bats and Sparrows
  9. Solar Panels in My Garden
  10. On Website Technicals (2019-06)

Recently Updated Articles

  1. Greener travel: how hard is it to cut carbon miles?
  2. The Earth Notes Podcast @Home
  3. Low Carbon Family Holidays
  4. Saving Electricity and Gas (2018)
  5. Saving Electricity and Gas (2017)
  6. On Website Technicals (2019-09)
  7. Food's Carbon Footprint
  8. On Other Useful Sites
  9. On Website Technicals (2019-08)
  10. Rad Sounds: how cool is your home heating in time-lapse?

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Most Read / Popular

  1. (5.0/5 hits) On Setting Up a Raspberry Pi as Off-grid Solar-Powered Server
  2. (2.7/5 hits) Open-Source Thermostatic Radiator Valve (OpenTRV)
  3. (2.2/5 hits) On the IKEA SMAKLIG Built-in Induction Hob: Review
  4. (2.1/5 hits) On Website Technicals (2018-08)
  5. (1.6/5 hits) Thermal Imaging Survey: DIY vs Professional
  6. (1.4/5 hits) On Setting Up a Raspberry Pi 2 as Off-grid Server
  7. (1.4/5 hits) On the LIME Energy Saving Plug: Review
  8. (1.2/5 hits) MHRV (Mechanical Heat-Recovery Ventilation) and HR25H Review
  9. (1.1/5 hits) On Spacetherm Aerogel Thermal Insulation
  10. (1.1/5 hits) LED Lighting: Mini Reviews

And some of the least loved ...

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Important Tags

Meanings of the most important tags against article title/links above:

Blog posting, eg notes from meetings and other events.
Easy-read social-media-friendly support for Radbot's mission of easy carbon savings for Jo Everyone.
Education-related, including schools..
Error pages, such as 404 (not found).
Frequently-Asked-Questions / Q&A.
Meetings, conferences, exhibitions, shows, site visits.
Podcast or featured audio track.
Research report and discussion.
Product and service reviews.
Short read.
Site infrastructure.
Technology-focused and/or tech-heavy.

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