Earth Notes: On Website Technicals (2019-08)

Updated 2019-08-23 14:18 GMT.
Tech updates: maybe lazy, spatial coverage and Google Maps...

2019-08-22: Spatial Coverage and Google Maps

I am testing a limited roll-out of available spatial coverage information in the foot of each page. For the moment this is only for pages not at/about 16WW itself (the more interesting cases).

The footer displays lat/lon and elevation as text if present. The footer also links to Google Maps in a simple way if lat/lon is present.

Update 2018-08-23: 16WW-located pages now show '16WW' as the location in the footer, and link to the 'about 16WW' page.

2019-08-09: Neither lazy nor cheap yet, or am I?

At the moment I can't make lazy loading work in mainline or Canary Chrome on my laptop at all, so a step back from where I was in July.

(Test page.)

It doesn't seem that work has stopped on Chromium component:Blink>Loader>LazyLoad, Merely that a step back has been taken to gather stats from the field from 'lite' mode mobile (Android) only.

Update 2019-08-14: while complaining to various people at Google how lazyload had stopped working for me, I pulled the very latest mainline Chrome and it does now seem to have a full working implementation as of 76.0.3809.100. Woot!