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What is Earth Notes about? Who creates the content?

This site is about practical steps that I have taken to make my own life (and that of my family) a little better and lower-carbon.

Cutting carbon at home to slow climate change, with high- and low- tech. Living a normal life — no hair shirt required! aka EOU aka "Earth Notes" celebrated its 10th birthday in 2017.

Early in 2007 I had a small brainwave and decided to create a simple single-page microsite about composting vs domestic solar power. It was an issue that was exercising me at the time, and the remnants are now in their own page.
Now, something like 10 years after that 1-pager idea, Earth Notes [was] well over 100 pages

All "Earth Notes" content is written by Damon Hart-Davis.

Photos and images are largely from Damon, some via the Gallery. In all other cases appropriate permissions are held or available, up to the images being in the public domain.

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Damon Hart-Davis

Who is Damon and why does he care about energy?

Here is Damon's home page for a bit more on him.

Here's how Damon got into optimising energy after being a UK Internet pioneer, working in defence, oil and banking!

A few years ago I suddenly saw my energy bills as another performance metric that I could tweak just like optimising Lehman Brothers' derivatives calculations that I was nominally paid squillions to do.

In fact, this whole area is full of numbers and graphs and science and gadgets and interesting techie puzzles, never mind the grand+ per year that I'm saving on my energy bills or indeed that "hippy commie yoghurt-knitting greenie" conspiracy about cutting carbon footprint to help avert global warming.

From aerogel and LEDs to iButtons and thermal imaging, you should see some of the fun I've been having!

Who Uses Earth Notes And Its Ideas?

Earth Notes has apparently been cited in research papers and influenced projects by significant climate change actors!

Some (linkable) plaudits and uses: