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Updated 2020-01-02 17:04 GMT.
Listen to the Earth Notes occasional podcast on all things eco and green and efficient @Home! #eco #snackable #podcast
How to cut your carbon footprint at home without pain! All Earth Notes podcast episodes (audio-based articles) are listed here. Look out for the full transcripts.

The podcast started in . The first two episodes were created to support a local naturalist who leads guided walks around our local council housing estate.

Each episode is just a few minutes long, and is on a 'green' or energy efficiency or energy data topic, usually based at home.

Some episodes are a little more tangental, such as listening to the temperature of your radiators for a whole year in one second.

I hope to stir a few video podcasts into the mix in due course...


Other Ways to Listen

'Lite' pages link to smaller versions of the audio files. Smaller files may help save your data allowance and a tiny carbon toeprint. The smaller version may also be served automatically if you have data saving mode (Save-Data: on) enabled in your browser.

This podcast is also available via Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

An RSS feed is available.


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